Benefits, KPI & Evaluation

Who we are and what we do

The overarching objective of the EU EIP Evaluation activity is to support evaluators in order to demonstrate the benefits of ITS investment to the European citizen in a consistent way and, ultimately, to present a global picture of the impact of ITS Deployment on the European road network.  The EU EIP Evaluation activity has drawn on a comprehensive range of sources and built on work undertaken within previous programmes in order to develop a comprehensive suite of interrelated guidance and reference tools which are designed to enhance and harmonise ITS evaluation outputs from the ITS Corridors and the wider ITS community as a whole.

The EU EIP Evaluation group membership incorporates a wide range of expertise in the field of ITS evaluation and benefits from strong consistent engagement from the majority of European Member States and all ITS Corridors.  Since 2016 a significant amount of work has been undertaken in order to demonstrate the benefits of ITS investment on the European road network.  Accordingly, the ultimate objectives of the EU EIP Evaluation Group is to quantify those benefits for the European road-user and road operator in terms of safety, sustainability and efficiency and to demonstrate that ITS investment is a cost-effective solution.

The EU EIP Evaluation Activity has therefore worked closely together to develop and monitor the application of a common approach to ITS Evaluation, in conjunction with stakeholders, in order to harmonise the evaluation process and support corridors to provide consistent results in relation to the stated objectives.  Furthermore, the EU EIP Evaluation group provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices between experts in the field of ITS evaluation and stakeholders in the wider ITS community with a view to ultimately illustrating the overall impacts, benefits and results from the ITS Corridors investments.

The main EU EIP Evaluation Activity achievements to date can be summarised as follows:

  • Development of a consistent approach to evaluation reporting which has been fully adopted by the ITS Corridors
  • Production of a comprehensive suite of support and reference tools which remain live – and can do so beyond the life of the current EU EIP.
  • Evolution of an enhanced Evaluation culture in conjunction with the ITS Corridors and wider expert community
  • Creation of a sound basis and extensive knowledge base to inform future ITS evaluation reporting
  • Facilitation of extensive knowledge exchange between the expert, corridor and wider stakeholder communities
  • Development of a consistent methodology to yield harmonised results which demonstrate the benefits of ITS Deployment in terms of safety, efficiency and environment
  • Demonstrated that ITS offers low cost solutions and strong returns in response to policy priorities

What we achieve

Guidance and Reference Materials

The EU EIP Evaluation Group has developed a suite of interrelated tools to support the ITS Corridors in their Evaluation Reporting:

  • A comprehensive set of KPI Definitions, developed and agreed in conjunction with ITS Corridors and national evaluation experts.  These offer a comprehensive list of stable and consistent ITS Deployment and Benefit KPIs along with detailed Best Practice methodologies and guidance for calculating results. The KPI Definitions are available here: KPI Definitions Document
  • Common Evaluation Report Template with integral guidance and reference links.  The template is structured around the KPI Definitions and is designed to work in conjunction with them.  The template, which has successfully been adopted by all CEF ITS Corridors, can be accessed here: Evaluation Report Template (Word document)
  • Comprehensive Evaluation Library containing all CEF ITS Corridor reports and related reference materials, as well as an archived knowledge base from work under previous programmes.  The EU EIP Evaluation Library can be accessed here: Evaluation Library
  • ITS Evaluation Toolkit and User Interface, which is a comprehensive database of all available Evaluation Reports from the CEF ITS Corridors.  The online Evaluation Toolkit user-interface ( is publicly accessible and allows users to search for relevant evaluation data and reports using key criteria (Deployment / Benefit KPI, Location, relevant ITS Directive Priority Action / Priority Area).  The Toolkit, which is regularly updated to included newly available information, also provides direct links to related reports and offers users the opportunity to export required data to a CSV file.

Reporting and Outreach

The collection of reports from the EU EIP Evaluation activity includes the following:

The EU EIP Activity played a major role in various forums and workshops and the related documentation can be accessed here:

Members of the five ITS Corridors, EUEIP Activity 5 – Evaluation and other interested parties attended a two-day workshop in Paris to review and consider the future for evaluating the benefits derived from implementation of ITS and digital services on the road network.

The workshop came at an opportune time as DG-MOVE and INEA require a greater level of justification for co-funding ITS projects on the network. Our community has been challenged to provide information on the achievements and benefits of our projects throughout their programme, rather than in the final project reports.

The workshop held a series of sessions ranging from the benefits of a harmonised approach, a review of the current KPI’s, how C-ITS services are being evaluated and how to evaluate the impact of ITS in the context of a long distance ITS corridor. A session also looked at how the monetarise the beneficial impacts.

The goals of the event to facilitate cross corridor cooperation, assist EUEIP Activity 5, embed the importance of evaluating corridors using a harmonised approach amongst and across all corridors were achieved. 

You can download the report on the proceedings by clicking here.