Cross Corridor Cooperation

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In order to fulfil its task to facilitate the exchange of experiences among the ITS Corridors, the Corridor and (sub-) activity leaders meet regularly as a Cross Corridor Cooperation (CCC) Group. The main purpose of CCC was to exchange experiences, issues and solutions between the corridors, focusing on the operational level between the corridors. Information on good practices and results of ITS deployments on the ITS Corridors was fed into the relevant task of A2, providing useful input to the drafting of the Reference Handbook. A common work plan was designed to achieve the outlined goals. Three tables were part of the work plan to create an overview of the corridor coordination: 1) Areas of interest, 2) Common deliverables planned, 3) Workshops/common meetings planned. With the use of these three tables, every corridor leader could easily express interest to cooperate with other corridors with common interests, agree on common workshops and deliverables, as well as indicate interest to participate in workshops organised by other corridors. In addition, A2 identified relevant topics out of the corridor activities, which were related to the EU EIP sub activities or Expert Groups.

The CCC group had its kick-off meeting early in 2018 with cooperation gradually intensifying and becoming particularly strong in 2019. First results of cooperation were commonly organised meetings and workshops taking place, as well as an increased participation in corridor meetings and workshops of members of other corridors and/or the A2 Expert Groups, achieving this way a significant knowledge gain for all parties.

A2 had an active role working as an enabler and facilitator of cooperation among the Corridors. A major outcome of this enabling and facilitating role of A2 was the organisation of Cross Corridor Cooperation Workshops with the active participation of all ITS Corridors. The concluding Cross Corridor Cooperation event was the 7th event of the Web ITS Forum, concluding at the same time the Web ITS Forum webinar series.