Feasibility study East West Corridor and first pilot implementation


Report: Road Map for seamless ITS services on EWC

This report is the culmination of the feasibility study of the East West Corridor and follows a series of consultation exercises with road authorities, analysis of information and workshops where consideration has been given to a vision, the benefits arising from establishing an East – West corridor, and creation of a potential road map to implementation of the corridor. This report uses the East – West Corridor Feasibility Study as a key input for the ITS Road Map for an operational East West Corridor across Northern Europe.

East West Corridor intermodal route planner

March 2017 the East West Corridor intermodal route planner for European container transport was launched. The route planner was based on the Intermodal Links planner, and the EU EIP project partners contributed to the planner by adding new intermodal operators and links, especially on the East West Corridor. It also initiated the inclusion of freight ferries into the planner. The intermodal planner demonstrated how ITS could play a role for the better use of corridors, helping to realize European policies. The intermodal route planner on the East-West Corridor increased the visibility of the intermodal transport services on the corridor. Logistics companies can save on costs and can reduce their environmental impact by using intermodal transport along the corridor.

Migration to new platform

Due to technological progress the Intermodal Links planner has migrated to a new technological platform (Power BI), which offers better graphical and analysis options. Since the Intermodal Links planner forms the core of the East West Corridor planner, it has been decided to end the support of the East West Corridor planner and to redirect users to the new Intermodal Links planner. This will offer the users a better service with more possibilities to find and compare alternative intermodal routes, not only on the East West Corridor, but for the whole of Europe.

The Intermodal Links planner is free of charge and can be accessed via https://intermodallinks.com/Planner

Inventory of projects GIS tool

The Project Inventory GIS tool of the East West Corridor is a web application designed to visualize the various types of ITS projects implemented on the EWC network. It can be used without particular expertise by all interested parties that want to know more about the type of ITS projects implemented on this corridor. It allows the users to search for specific ITS implementations on the EWC.

The GIS tool provides an overview of approximately 250 ITS projects on the East West Corridor. The ITS projects included are provided by partners of the EU EIP project. These projects can be financed either nationally or with European co-funding (e.g. CEF).

Note: The GIS tool does not claim to be complete: there will be other ITS projects on the East West Corridor which are not included in this GIS tool. 

Map showing ITS projects implemented on the EWC network.
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