Integrating C-ITS into road operators’ day-to-day-business

Who we are and what we do

The European ITS Platform (EU EIP) serves as Technical ITS Knowledge Management Center to  National Road Authorities and Road Operators partnering in the EU EIP community, to the European Commission in their roles as funding and regulatory institution as well as to stakeholders and multi-stakeholder collaborations engaged in preparing C-ITS deployment. EU EIP aims at ensuring regular operation of ITS services deployed today on the TEN-T core network of roads and, looking forward, at the best integration of C-ITS pilots and deployments with current ITS.

EU EIP collaborates closely with C-Roads for the mutual benefit of both platforms. The collaboration note (2019) acknowledges C-Roads as EC flagship initiative for Member States driven pilots and deployment initiatives on C-ITS services, with a focus on testing and implementing a new generation of services and the EU EIP ITS/C-ITS integration role as described.

Integrating C-ITS into road operators’ day-to-day business is pivotal for the expert group working on Cooperative ITS Services Deployment Support (Sub-Activity 4.4). Road authorities and operator experts from ten European countries directly contribute to the output of the group which mainly consists of guiding material and reports. The photos show the experts at meetings in Frankfurt. The community outreach is doubled via the contact list involving experts from further ten European countries. Workshops on lessons learned in the course of preparing for C-ITS deployment have been co-organised with C-Roads twice, in 2017 and 2019.

Important contributions to the C-ITS integration achievement also originate from other EU EIP expert groups, more specifically Activity 2 working on the Reference Handbook for harmonised ITS core service deployment in Europe and Sub-Activity 4.1 working on frameworks for assuring the quality of information services. These results are featured in the dedicated achievements section on the EU EIP website.

(Photo Credits: Hessen Mobil, BASt)

What we achieved

The collection of reports from the Cooperative ITS Services Deployment Support activity comprises:

In support of collecting requirements of deployment actors, good practises, lessons learned and discuss how to solve open issues for C-ITS deployment, workshops have been organised in collaboration with C-Roads. They have found huge interest and active contribution from the C-ITS community. The same counts for the EU EIP Forum, featuring a session on C-ITS Deployment Support for traffic managers. The documentation of workshops and fora is linked here:

  • Workshop on lessons learned from C-ITS pilots and deployment initiatives, 22.11.2017, Brussels

The EU ITS Platform (EU EIP) project organised a workshop for lessons learned in C-ITS corridor pilots on 22nd November 2017. The workshop was organised together with the C-Roads Platform. Soon after the announcement, the workshop was fully booked, including the extra seats which were obtained.

More than 50 experts from 17 European countries representing road authorities and operators, the European Commission, OEMs, suppliers, technology & service providers, research institutes and ITS associations joined the workshop at INEA in Brussels.

The guest speakers provided information about the current framework of C-ITS deployment on EU-level supported by the C-Roads Platform.

Furthermore, representatives from the “frontrunner initiatives” (NordicWay, C-ITS Corridor, SCOOP@F) and involved stakeholder organisations presented and discussed, lessons learned from the first pilots.

You can download the presentations from this event below: