Activity 3 – Feasibility study East-West Corridor and first pilot implementation



Over the past two decades trade has increased significantly between the eastern and western part of Europe. Consequently, also passenger and freight traffic increased with the same speed. Many ITS corridor projects are oriented North – South, and therefore East West Corridor Activity of the EU EIP project aimed at studying the feasibility of seamless, continuous and harmonized ITS services on the East-West corridor (EWC), including a first pilot implementation of a dedicated intermodal route planner for the East West Corridor.

The EWC runs from Ireland, via UK, Benelux, Germany and Poland to the Baltic States and Finland, and thus links the CEF corridors North Sea – Mediterranean (purple) and North Sea – Baltic (red) and the Finnish part of Scandinavia – Mediterranean (pink), including interfaces to crossing North-South corridors.

Three activities in East West Corridor

Three activities have been carried out in the East West Corridor:

  • feasibility study was carried out to assess state of implementation and near-term plans regarding ITS systems and services, and identify which ones could be prioritized, adapted, enhanced or introduced as seamless, continuous services along (sections of) the East West Corridor.
  • Secondly, a dedicated intermodal route planner for containers was implemented, demonstrating seamless, continuous and harmonized ITS services on the East West Corridor. It demonstrates how ITS can play a role for the better and multi-modal use of corridors, helping to realize both national and European policies. The dedicated intermodal planner increases the visibility of the intermodal transport services on the EWC and thus contributes to an efficient multimodal transport system.
  • While continuing the exploitation of the results of this activity an on-line GIS tool was developed visualizing approximately 250 ITS projects on the East West Corridor. In addition an inventory was made of existing Traffic Management Centre contacts and Cross Border Management procedures between adjacent road authorities on the East West Corridor.

This East-West Corridor activity has been completed 30 June 2017. Further exploitation of the results of this activity took place under the relevant Working Group of Activity 2 – Monitoring & Dissemination.

Involved partners

The following organisations (countries) participated in the East West Corridor activity:

InvolvementOrganisation (country)
LeaderRijkswaterstaat (The Netherlands)
Beneficiaries BASt (Germany)
GDDKiA (Poland)
Highways England (United Kingdom)
Port of Zeebrugge, MOW Vlaanderen, SPW Wallonia (Belgium)
Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Irish Exporters’ Association (Ireland)
ParticipantsEWTCA (Lithuania)
Trafikverket (Sweden)
Vayla (Finland)
FollowersERA (Estonia)
Egnatia (Greece)
ITS Bulgaria (ITS Bulgaria)
Vegwesen (Norway)
ITS Romania (Romania)

More information: East West Corridor achievement page