Activity 4 – Harmonization Cluster

The scope of this activity was to bring forward ITS harmonization through three lines of action:

EC ITS Directive Specifications

Whilst the Specifications are under the responsibility of the EC, EU EIP collected reallife experiences from the application of those specifications and commented – where possible – on draft versions of the EC Specifications, as well as providing recommendations for improving the existing ones.

• Continued development of tools for interoperable ITS

Development of specific tools instrumental to continuity and interoperability of ITS services Agreement number: INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2014/105832319
guidelines for optimal data and service quality.

Extension of ITS harmonization into new areas

The work in Activity 4 included development of tools supporting ITS harmonization in new and growing areas like Cooperative ITS Systems and interfaces towards urban road networks and other transport modes.
Regarding the strategic data exchange domain, EU EIP had the goal to aggregate, harmonize the various user requirements and ensure dissemination of results and recommendations through strong liaison and cooperation with relevant organizations such as DATEX II, TISA, POLIS, ETSI, INSPIRE, Amsterdam Group, C-ITS Platform, TN-ITS and other potential stakeholders.

The tasks within the Harmonisation Cluster are splitted among 7 sub activities (SA), see the dedicated pages below: