SA 4.2: Facilitating automated driving

About SA 4.2

With the current growth and investment in automated driving it is important that road authorities and operators are participating and informed. The scope of this activity is to prepare road authorities and operators to make decisions on facilitating automated driving and automating their own core business.

Our activities are:

  • Task 1: Identify the requirements of higher level (SAE 3-5) of automated driving for road authorities/operators – road markings, traffic signs, real-time and predictive traffic information, digital maps, cooperative ITS infrastructure
  • Task 2: Assess the direct and indirect impacts of higher level automated driving on traffic, mobility and the core business of road authorities and operators; investigate the socio-economic benefits and costs of automated driving from the road operator’s perspective
  • Task 3: Provide a road map and action plan, focussing on the needs of road operators to facilitate automated driving on the TEN road network
  • Task 4: Identify the requirements of automating road operator ITS to facilitate automated driving (i.e. self-maintenance, self-optimisation, self-management, self-healing); and automation level of traffic centre operations and services (control/management/information)
  • Task 5: Monitor, liaise and disseminate, to gain better understanding in global activities, R&D, deployment, and policy development, disseminate lessons learned



A detailed presentation of the deliverables released by the EUEIP 4.2 working group and of the events they partecipated is available on the following pages:

  1. How to automate road operators’ own ITS
  2. Physical and digital infrastructure attributes for automated driving


Lead: Traficom, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency

Beneficiaries: Finland (Traficom), France (Cerema), Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain (DGT), Sweden & UK

Participants: Denmark, France (ASFA), Italy (AV and ANAS), Spain (SEOPAN)

Followers: Belgium (BrxCapit. and Flanders), ITS Bulgaria, Norway, Spain (CTA), Switzerland