SA 4.4: Cooperative ITS Services Deployment Support

The sub-activity aims at developing and providing deployment guidance to road authorities and operators on Cooperative ITS (C-ITS). It capitalises on the results of preceding C-ITS related activities developing a mechanism for setting up deployment guidance for road operators concerning C-ITS services. The necessity for providing advice originates from the increasing number of pilot deployments or continuous operation deployments of C-ITS services. The sub-activity targets frontrunners/pilot implementers as well as adopters of C-ITS services among the road authorities and operators. The sub-activity supports the C-ITS platform and further implementation of EC master plan on the Deployment of C-ITS. Objectives of the sub-activity are:

  • Ensuring functional interoperability of infrastructure-vehicle (and vice versa) applications across the EU,  
  • Providing deployment guidance to road authorities and operators implementing  C-ITS services with infrastructure involvement and consolidating lessons learned from pilot/continuous operation deployments in order to improve guidance,
  • Preparing for C-ITS based services as part of regular operation.

The objectives are addressed by the following tasks:

Task 1: Functional interoperability of C-ITS deployments across TEN-T corridors

In order to guarantee users a seamless service(s) experience, interoperability of services across borders and jurisdictions is a crucial factor. Specifications that are agreed among the deployment partners can effectively stimulate the achievement of this goal. The task refers to the C-ITS initiatives collected and analysed in the EIP+ C-ITS activity (EIP+ White Paper on C-ITS) plus potential emerging initiatives. It will analyse good/best practise from pilot initiatives concerning the deployment of C-ITS services with infrastructure involvement (I2V/V2I), will collect the related interoperability requirements and will liaise with key projects that contribute to   functional specifications, protocols, message sets and triggering conditions.

Task 2: Deployment guidance for C-ITS services with infrastructure involvement

The task aims at providing the basis for a broad uptake of C-ITS as being the next technology generation, enabling improvement of road operator services. It will provide advice and guidance to the implementing bodies on how to approach the deployment issues (e.g. legal framework, conformance assessment) in the most suitable way. The task builds upon the results of the C-ITS Platform and the EC master plan on C-ITS deployment as well as lessons learned from the first pilots and deployment initiatives. Feedback will be incorporated to update and improve the deployment guidance, thus stimulating the knowledge transfer within the community of implementers.

Task 3: Preparing for C-ITS based services as part of regular operation

Key task features are the organisation of knowledge management with regard to C-ITS deployment of road authorities/operators and the implementation of services beyond the phase of initial deployment in line with the recommendations of the C-ITS Platform and the Master Plan for C-ITS Deployment. This comprises assessing the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the options for knowledge management organisation as defined in the deployment guidelines mechanism (as result of preceding activity) and defining the migration path towards the most promising solution and implementing it. It also addresses providing requirements and expertise to related activities within EU ITS Platform (e.g. data exchange interfaces in the responsibility of road operators, quality criteria and minimum quality requirements for C-ITS services) as well as comparing and consolidating plans for C-ITS service deployment from road authority / road operator perspective beyond the initial deployment phase.

Task 4: Sub-activity coordination The task is devoted to the overall coordination of the sub-activity. Related roles to be performed are management on sub-activity level, contribution to EU ITS Platform management as part of the Joint Technical Secretariat and exchange and coordination with actors in the C-ITS deployment arena (exchange/alignment with Amsterdam Group and its umbrella organisations, EC C-ITS Platform, etc.).

Leader: Germany

Beneficiaries involved: Finland (FTA, Trafi), France (CEREMA), Germany (BL), Italy (SINA), Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom 

Participants: Denmark, France (ASFA), Italy (TECH), Norway, Spain (DGT, SEOPAN)

Followers: Italy (AV), Portugal, Romania