SA 4.5: Liaison and harmonization on interfaces for data exchange

The facilitation of the electronic data exchange is crucial for the successful development of many priority areas, actions and services mentioned in the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU.

According to the areas, to the services or to the implementations, user requirements can significantly vary. The knowledge of these various use requirements is essential for taking them into consideration in the future standardisation process.

The sub-activity objectives are :

  • to collect user requirements coming from the ITS corridor projects and EW DGs,
  • to forward the information related to new user requirements to DATEX II project.

Sub-Activity tasks :

  • The main task of this sub-activity is to clearly identify division of roles and responsibility with DATEX II project with regard to avoid duplication of work and effort. Relationships and cooperation between EU ITS Platform and DATEX II project will be formalized through the elaboration and signature of Memorandum of Understanding.

The EU ITS Platform will provide to DATEX II project new user requirements coming from the ITS corridor projects and EW Dgs.

Technical co-operation and dialogue between DATEX II project and the EU ITS Platform will allow to define a common template to collect new user requirements in a homogenous way. Sub-activity 4.5 will be in charge to collect and aggregate all EU ITS Platform new user needs and will be the contact point to deliver information to the DATEX II project.

Leader: France (Cerema)

Beneficiaries involved: Italy (AV), Romania, Sweden, Germany, UK, Portugal.

Participants: Denmark, Finland, France (ASFA), Italy (TECH), Netherland, Spain (DGT)

Followers: Germany (BL), Norway, Spain (Neopan)