SA 4.6: Monitoring and Harmonisation of National Access Points


National Access Points (NAP) play a crucial role in data exchange in the field of mobility in Europe. A NAP is a web based portal handling data concerning Save and Secure Truck Parking’s (SSTP), Real Time Traffic Information (road) (RTTI), Safety Related Transport Information (road) (SRTI) and Multimodal Travel Information (MMTIS) (all modes like train, busses, metro, cycling etc.). NAPs vary in services like data search, storage and exchange.

National Bodies (NB) are assigned to carry out the assessment of compliance of NAP data and services suppliers.

Objectives working group

The objectives of this NAP activity of the EU EIP project (2016 till 2021):

  • to monitor the on-going implementation of NAPs across Europe
  • to harmonise technical topics on NAP and National Bodies (NB) services
  • to support the NAP and NB community to learn from each other

 Legal back ground for NAPs

To speed up the development of EU-wide interoperable travel and traffic services to end users the European Commission has published several Delegated Regulations supplementing the ITS Directive 2010/40/EU. These legal documents imply action to several stakeholders: Member States shall manage a NAP to the data as mentioned; Member States shall designate an impartial and independent National Body to assess  whether the requirements are fulfilled by public and private road operators, service providers,  parking operators, map providers, broadcasters dedicated to traffic information, etc.


This activity had a number of members with different levels of involvement.

Leader: The Netherlands (Rijkswaterstaat)

Beneficiaries:  France (CEREMA), Germany (BASt), Portugal (IMT), Romania (ITS Romania and National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration), United Kingdom (Transport Scotland & Department for Transport)  and Spain (DGT)

Participants: Denmark (Vejdirektoratet), Italy (Autovie Venete), Finland (Vayla, Traficom), Sweden (Trafikverket).

Contributors: Austria (AustriaTech), Ireland (TTI)

Besides the members of the working group this activity enjoyed great interest of NAP and National Body operators of nearly all EU Member States and increasingly data suppliers and service suppliers as well.