EU EIP Books

For the dissemination of knowledge and expertise gained during the running EU EIP periode the project has published 3 books.

“Digitalisation of road transport in Europe”

This book provides an insight into the achievements of EU co-funded projects, where implementation of ITS has been used to target mobility inefficiencies, as well as mitigate safety risks and environmental pollution on the trans-European road network.

Looking to the future, the new and improved services that increased digitalisation can be accounted as a valuable result: the European ITS Platform and CEF ITS Corridors have played a significant role in achieving a better efficiency of the transport across Europe. Four chapters of the book are devoted to Corridors who directly assessed results and figures: Arc Atlantique, MedTIS, NEXT-ITS and URSA MAJOR.

The book opens with the introductory notes of three European high-level representatives: Herald Ruijters (Director for Investment, Innovative and Sustainable Transport European Commission DG MOVE), Carlo Secchi (Atlantic Corridor Core Network Corridor European Coordinator) and Dirk Beckers (Director of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency – EC CINEA).

The book can be downloaded by clicking its cover.

“Reference Handbook for harmonized ITS Core Service Deployment in Europe”

The Reference Handbook for ITS Core Service Deployment in Europe comprises a series of guidance and advice for use by road authorities and operators to support them in development of their strategic approach, design development, deployment, installation and operation of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) and remain compliant with EU legislation.

The purpose of the guidance is to assist Member States in taking a broadly similar approach so wider European added value can be achieved.

A dedicated website shows the full content.

“Intelligent Transport Systems for Safe, Green and Efficient Traffic on the European Road Network”

The European ITS Platform is an action (2016-2021) of 15 Member States and co-funded by the European Connecting Europe Facility. For many road operators, digitalisation will play a key role in enhancing traffic management. The development of the technological solutions to drive forward the road safety, environment and efficiency agenda has been a major objective of the European ITS Platform.

Experts of the European ITS Platform collected best practices, case studies and results that are considered important for the operation and evolution of the European road network towards a more digital future. The key results achieved in this action have been published in one comprehensive book consisting of 14 chapters, addressing various topics relevant for the digitalisation of (the management of) the European road network.

The book is a result of the cooperation of the European ITS Platform with CEDR and ASECAP.

The book can be downloaded by clicking its cover.