Achievements of the Arc Atlantique Corridor

The Arc Atlantique is an ITS corridor implemented by 7 Member States: Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. It combines the CEF corridors Atlantic and North Sea – Mediterranean.

Since its inception in 2013, the 17 partners, comprising strategic road authorities and road operators, have formed strong working relationships, and built on the common objective of investing in ITS on the Arc Atlantique network to achieve improvements in network efficiency, safety, and environmental performance, whilst broadening harmonisation and interoperability of ITS services across the network. In doing so, they have supported the EU in meeting its objective to implement an efficient single transport area.

The third phase of the project, Arc Atlantique 3, started in 2017. The deployments realized until 2021 impacted approximately 29,000 km of the TEN-T Core network (including urban nodes) and supporting comprehensive network with a 65 m€ investment. A key feature of this project was the coordinated implementation of proven harmonized Traffic Management and Traffic Information Services, compliant with the EasyWay Deployment Guidelines 2012 (in 2021 replaced by the Reference Handbook for Harmonised ITS Core Service Deployment in Europe). Other elements are greater significance of knowledge exchange as well as the introduction of C-ITS service deployments.

For more information about the project and the main achievements see the following download links: