Achievements of the URSA MAJOR Corridor

URSA MAJOR neo is a so-called ITS corridor project funded under the CEF programme. The project runs from 2017 – 2022.

URSA MAJOR addresses first and foremost freight transport on the TEN-T road network in a corridor linking the most important economic regions between Rotterdam and Sicily. To accomplish this, 35 Road, Inland Terminal and Port Operators from 3 EU Member States (Italy, Germany, The Netherlands) have formed a consortium and incorporated Switzerland and Austria as transit countries.

The implementations of URSA MAJOR neo are split into distinct thematic areas, including truck parking, traffic and traveller information systems, measures to improve safety, as well as real life  pilots. URSA MAJOR neo implementations are aimed at collectively improving long distance freight traffic from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

Deployment of dedicated C-ITS systems and services enhances truck parking services and supports better long-distance freight navigation by providing improved traffic and traveller information. Removing bottlenecks through better traffic management and implementation of  traffic management systems reduces delays and improves reliability of journey planning. Additionally, up-to-date hazard warning systems (e.g. for roadworks) and improved incident management increase freight safety. In close cooperation with the European Commission, the URSA MAJOR partnership of road operators provides a substantial investment in conventional as well as cooperative ITS systems. Beyond this investment, the partnership cooperates on relevant harmonisation aspects that provide for cross-border interoperability and continuity, supporting seamless (C-)ITS services.

Of particular importance for URSA MAJOR neo is the cooperation with the ITS Corridors, external stakeholders and Core Corridors to share best practice and to contribute to European harmonisation.

The URSA MAJOR 2 project has been featured on the website of CINEA on Smart Roads in Europe:

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